Modish Vine

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" ~Yves Saint Laurent

The Visionary

The Visionary


Quinn Mason

Quinn Mason is the Founder and CEO of Modish Vine and a style influencer. Known by his surname, Mason is a visionary, image consultant and maverick among his peers.

A North Carolina native, Mason served his country faithfully in the United States Marine Corps. He embarked upon a journey of discovery after many years of military service – wondering how he was intended to make his mark in this world. Being a distinguished trend setter came naturally as he was reared among classic and refined gentleman who understood the power of aesthetics. Upon reflection of his youthful surroundings, his eye for detail and the ability to mix labels, looks and trends – he established the Modern Movement as well as an online portal of panache and refinement at

Mason developed this Movement understanding the need for a space that provides dashing accessories and style consultation, while bringing his clientele and today’s man fashion forward. He thoroughly understands that image is everything and that while fashion may fade, style will endure.

As Mason continues to build relationships with his clients and solidify his mark, the classic gentleman and those that relish their presence await his next ‘Movement’ with profound anticipation.